Oppius Mercurius Fortunatus

  • Roman legioner – Hastati, almost rookie, also immune since he is a hunter
  • Was with his unit in the Alps, were attacked by a demon which froze him during the fight.
  • Saw his commander’s sword do strange things, heard strange stories about the commander’s powers and armor
  • Lived in the time when Christianity began entering the Roman empire, knows about Christianity but isn’t Christian himself
  • His commander (a tesserarius) was an evocatus – a veteran that returned to service
  • Empereor was Constantine
  • Lucky!


Charmed Life (Major, Heroic)
Warrior (Minor)
Relic (Minor, General)
Tough (Minor, General)
Greater Immunity to cold (Major, Supernatural)
Lightening Reflexes (Minor, General)

Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Major, Story)
Weak Willed (Minor, Personality)
Indiscreet (Major, Story)
Fear of wool hats (Minor, Personality)
Poor Student (Minor, General)
Tragic Intelligence (Minor, Heroic)

Possible Virtues:

Common sense (Minor, General)
Ghostly Warder (Major, General)
Great (Characteristic) (Minor, General)

Improved Characteristics (Minor, General)
Keen Vision (Minor, General)
Learn from Mistakes (Minor, General)
Lesser Immunity (Minor, Supernatural)

Long Winded (Minor, General)
Magic Sensitivity (Minor, Supernatural)
Puissant (Ability) (Minor, General)
Rapid Convalescence (Minor, General)
Reserves of Strength (Minor, General)
Sharp Ears (Minor, General)

Wanderer (Free, Social Status)

Possible Flaws:

Compulsion (Minor, Personality)
Dark Secret (Major, Story)
Delusion (Minor, Personality)
Driven (Major or Minor, Personality)
Envious (Major or Minor, Personality)

Greater Malediction (Major, Supernatural)
Hatred (Major or Minor, Personality)
Humble (Minor, Personality)

Lesser Malediction (Minor, Supernatural)
Meddler (Major or Minor, Personality)
Motion Sickness (Minor, General)
No Sense of Direction (Minor, General)
Obsessed (Minor, Personality)
Optimistic (Major or Minor, Personality)
Oversensitive (Minor, Personality)

Poor (Characteristic) (Minor, General)
Poor Memory (Minor, Personality)

Short Attention Span (Minor, Personality)
Social Handicap (Minor, General)
Supernatural Nuisance (Major, Story)
Weakness (Minor, Personality)


Was a soldier in the 13th Legion, the Alpine Legion. Their Century was passing through the area when they were attacked by a daemon. Their tesserarius became full of fire and charged at the daemon. They chased the daemon into a cave, where it killed many of the soldiers. The tesserarius’ sword was one of the only things that could harm the daemon, that managed to hurt the tesserarius and threw his sword away. Mercurius picked up the sword and attacked the daemon, but was then somehow swallowed by it and frozen in place for about 800 years.
There were stories about the tesserarius, that he fought daemons, that he had special armor and sword. He was an evocatus – a veteran that returned to service.

Oppius Mercurius Fortunatus

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