Herlinde of Burgfeldstand


The name Herlinde is formed from the Germanic name elements HER “army” and LIND linden tree, lime; shield (made of lime wood); gentle, soft".


Intelligence – 3
Perception – 3
Strength – -3
Stamina – 2
Presence – -2
Communication – 1
Dexterity – -2
Quickness – 2

Casting Total: Characteristic + Ability + aura modifier + die roll
Ease Factor: determined by effect attempted
Penetration Total: Casting Total + Penetration Bonus – Ease Factor
Equivalent Spell Level: 5 x Ability
Limit on Vis Use in Spellcasting: Ability score
Vis Boost to Casting Score: +1 per pawn

Relevant characteristic – Communication
Ability control – 6 is single tree
7 is part of tree
8 is group of trees (about 10)
9 is grove (about 100)
10 is boundary (whole forest)
Rolls need to succeed at an ease factor of 9, every 3 above 9 improve control (speed/precision)

The Gift
Tree Witch (Supernatural, Major)
Inoffensive to animals (Hermetic, minor)
Cyclic Magic (minor, Hermetic)
Ways of the Forest (Major, General)
Piercing Gaze (Minor, General)
Affinity with Tree Witch ability (minor, general) – Tree Witch
Magic Sensitivity (Minor, Supernatural)
Skilled Parens (Minor, Hermetic)

Restriction (Major, Hermetic)
Study Requirement (Major, Hermetic)
Hedge Wizard (Minor, Hermetic)
Magical Animal Companion (Minor, Story)
Ability Block (Minor, General) – Martial abilities
Disfigured (Minor, General)
Social Handicap (Minor, General)

Building Points:
Vis source (2 pawns per year) – 10
Lab text (Tangle of Wood and Thorns, lvl 20) – 4
Lab text (Ears of the Forest, lvl 25) – 5
Lab test (Parrot’s Beak, lvl 15) – 3
Intellego summa (lvl 17, quality 11) – 28
Vim summa (lvl 15, quality 10) – 25


  • Fill in seasons
  • Write about Vis source

Was always fairly ugly. Was driven from her village at the age of 12 when her gift began to manifest. Managed to survive in the woods and her gift allowed her to survive and even thrive in the woods. She grew and became attuned to the trees, able to move them as she desired, and was even able to make flowers bloom. People in the area began to become aware of her, and she became known as the witch, or hag, of Burgfeldstand, the mountain on which she resided. Tales of her ugliness grew with tales of her power, and she found out that her appearance and powers grew to fit the telling, until she was able to make whole trees take root and walk, and her appearance became that of a terrible old crone, despite still being a teenager.

Herlinde of Burgfeldstand

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