Lancina of Criamon

Leader of The Expedition chapter. Lancina is a cheerful, though disfigured, maga, intent on bringing twilight through joy.


A believed reincarnation of the smiling god, Lancina is a cheerful maga, intent on bringing twilight through joy. Originally from the city of Thessaly, Lancina was born as Hagne around 1150. During the mayhem, following the revolts in Thessaly, Hagne lived for a few years as an orpahn scavenging through the ruins of the city. Nobody knows how long she wandered the streets or how old she was when a Criamon magus spotted her and recognized her Gift. The magus dispatched her to the Greater Alps tribunal where she began her apprenticeship. During gauntlet, she saw visions of her face carved on a lance shaped stone while gruesomely disfigured. Her eyes seemed upside-down, and her mouth seemed to be laughing downwards. With this vision came to her the acknowledgment of her past life as a god of laughter. After gauntlet, she took the name of Lancina as she does not know the name of the god on the lanced stone.

Lancina's interests all come down to controlling emotions and especially promoting the feeling of bliss which promotes smiling. As such, past twilight experiences have left her face set in a smiling position and her tattoos enhance that imagery. Her sigil is the sound of bell-like laughter in the case of short term spells and often the false imagery of a smile in long term ones. As such, charmed animals might seem to be producing a slight smile and inanimate objects might seem bent.

Lancina of Criamon

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